Infant Care

Welcome to our Infant Program! Our goal is to provide a warm, secure, loving and nurturing environment for all babies while in our care. We understand that you and your baby will be going through a period of becoming comfortable with your new routine. You are welcome to call or visit any time during the day.

Lots of exciting things occur throughout the day in our Infant Program. Daily activities are designed specifically to meet your baby’s needs and abilities. Routine care giving activities, such as feeding and diapering, are used as opportunities for language interactions and for nurturing a one-on-one relationship with the teacher.

Our curriculum is based primarily on play. As infants play with toys, observe the world around them, listen to sounds, and interact with caring adults, they are learning. The development of play skills can be significantly enhanced by the quality of the teachers’ interactions and the availability of play materials. Infants learn through spontaneous play in which they build an understanding of the world in their terms.

Each infant’s schedule is unique. It is important that you share with your child’s teacher your baby’s schedule and any changes that may evolve.