Before and After School Care

We would like to welcome you to the School Age Program. All locations (with the exception of Fort Thomas) provide before school care where children are able to enjoy their breakfast prior to going to school. Further, all locations provide after school care.

Bus services and/or private transportation are provided to and from local schools should that interest parents. Please contact specific Abby’s locations for more details about this service.

This is a very exciting time in your child’s life. The after school program fully supports each child’s own independence. The children are given more freedom and choice. Learning centers are still a part of the school age program. Learning centers give children choices and are designed to allow the children to explore. There is a great deal of age appropriate materials to extend your child’s learning experience.

The School Age Program is designed to enhance problem solving skills and social skills as well as to strengthen the children’s independence and individuality. Our routine is structured and consistent, but is not rigid. Homework club is offered to give children (and parents) a head start on completing homework for the evening. Additionally, children are provided time to enjoy their afternoon snack.

We are always open to comments, suggestions and ideas. We look forward to working with you and your child.