Welcome to our Infant Program!  Our goal is to provide a warm, secure, loving and nurturing environment for all babies while in our care.  We understand that you and your baby will be going through a period of becoming comfortable with your new routine.  You are welcome to call or visit any time during the day.  Please visit our Infant Care page for detailed information.

In many areas of the country, the demand for private kindergarten has grown over the last few years. In response to this demand, Abby’s now offers private kindergarten as a replacement for traditional kindergarten in select locations.  Please visit our Private Kindergarten page for detailed information.

Infant Care

Private Kindergarten

We would like to welcome you to the School Age Program.  All locations (with the exception of Fort Thomas) provide before school care where children will be served breakfast prior to going to school.  Further, all locations provide after school care where children will be served an afternoon snack.    Bus services and/or private transportation is provided to and from local schools (contact specific locations for details).  Please visit our Before/After School Care page for more detailed information.

Before and After School Care

From infancy to preschool, children learn best when learning is engaging.  Throughout our programs, teachers work with children on language and literacy skills, beginning letter/sound recognition and identification, pre-math and pre-science skills as well as incorporating a whole language approach to learning.  We foster a love for reading as well as providing opportunities to engage in counting, sorting and categorizing through activities that are stimulating and fun.  Additionally, we encourage social skills like cooperation and respect.



Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum allows children to participate in small groups while interacting with other children in activities, projects and experiments.  Exposure to reading occurs daily by engaging children in letter identification which progresses to letter sounds, and finally how sounds and letters combine to form words.  Please visit our Pre-Kindergarten Details page for detailed information.

Programs Offered

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