Is There An Abby?

Yes! There actually is an Abby . . . and she would like to welcome you to Abby’s Child Enrichment Centers throughout Northern Kentucky.

I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about our centers. I currently have 5 locations in Highland Heights, Fort Thomas, Taylor Mill, Florence and recently opened our fifth location in Richwood, Kentucky.

I want you to explore the opportunities that our centers can provide to your family, and also to understand our philosophy. It is our desire to serve the needs of your family and we are certain that we can accomplish that only after we have earned your trust, as well as the trust of your child.

Abby’s Child Enrichment Center is here for the parent who wants a little more for their child. We feel you will be pleased with the exposure your child will receive while in our care. Our goal is to “Enrich and Enhance” the lives of every child on a daily basis.

At Abby’s Child Enrichment Center each child is cared for in an individualized manner. Just as our programs are developed recognizing the unique creative differences of each child, such is the manner in which care is given to your child. We realize that each child brings their own set of needs, and our staff is trained to recognize and meet those needs.

Please feel free to be a welcomed visitor at any of our five locations! We would love to share with you all of the exciting things taking place within our programs!

Sincerely yours,



I am very honored to state that each of our locations maintain a 3—STAR rating by STARS for KIDS NOW, Kentucky’s voluntary quality rating system.  Being star-rated requires our programs to surpass the minimum licensing requirements that all early childhood programs must meet.

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