Our Philosophy

We believe…

  • That young children have an innate sense of discovery, curiosity, and imagination that can be activated, maintained, and goal directed by teachers who rely on a discovery approach to learning.
  • As teachers and staff, we take responsibility to plan stimulating learning experiences and to design workspaces where children are free to learn. To achieve this end, our program is based on four criteria:
  • The protection of the children’s health and safety is our first priority.
  • The responsibility for developing the child’s inner resources holds us accountable for fostering feelings of autonomy.

We rely on exploration as our primary teaching method, challenged by the task of channeling curiosity and creativity.

We are facilitators of learning whose interaction with children and families promotes growth.

Each child learns best from the material that supports his or her own learning style. The equipment and materials we use reflect our appreciation for many methods of learning. Montessori apparatus is inclined with other less structured materials to help ensure that each child learns in ways that are best suited to that child as an individual.